It is the perfectly baked round-shaped cookie that sandwiches the macaron filling (ganache). Francois Payard has made them all of his life, just as his father and grandfather did.

MakeCaron is basically and almond cookie shell. Chef Payard's idea is that it is time to let America take full ownership of the flavors in a macaron. As you know, these little macarons have taken off all throughout the United States. However, you're limited to the flavors your local shop will produce. With the MakeCaron, flavors can go anywhere your desires and fantasies wish to take you. And it is your macaron desires and fantasies that we want to hear about! We would like you to come up with your favorite flavor and post it right here on our website.  Just go to the “Share Recipes” section of this website to post your creative ideas.

The MakeCaron includes a booklet with 4 basic traditional ganache recipes, but the idea is that you experiment with whatever filling you'd like!

The MakeCaron shells are made with the traditions almond flour recipe and then colored with food coloring so most of them taste the same, with a few exceptions such as the chocolate ones that have a hint of cocoa powder. What gives the macaron most of its flavor is the filling (ganache).  From now on, you will have the power to decide what your macaron will taste like.  This will make this macaron product so uniquely yours.  We count on America to rewrite macaron history!  What was once solely a typical French pastry treat will now become an American free-spirited staple!  So, go to the fridge and give it a whirl :-)


After watching dozens of "make your own" macaron videos on YouTube, Francois realized that the macaron cookies (shells) are very temperamental in the regular kitchen. They tend to betray you when you pull them out of the oven :-( There are a few chefs that get it right.  However, if you watch the videos carefully, you'll realize that there are so many steps, tools needed, and small details to take into consideration to achieve perfect consistency.

On the contrary, the ganache (or filling) can practically be made by a child. All it takes is heavy cream and white chocolate, plus your flavor. However, you're no longer limited to the typical ganache, because you can stuff them with hazelnut/chocolate spread, marshmallow cream, peanut butter and jelly, etc. As long as it is sticky and has a gooey consistency, the MakeCaron will perfectly sandwich your creation.